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Dialing the Clock Back for Autumn

November 3, 2013 34 comments
Um... isn't the Roman Numeral 4 supposed to be IV not IIII?

Um… isn’t the Roman Numeral 4 supposed to be IV???


If you were given the opportunity to relive a segment of your life, what would you do with this wonderful opportunity?  Alas, we get this opportunity each and every fall.  So… how did I spend such an opportunity?  I slept.  Dammit!!!



Autumn Leaves – Haiku

November 2, 2013 15 comments

Autumn Leaves


Haiku #1 :

Leaves fall gently down

Dancing about in the wind

Color in motion

Haiku # 2 :

Endless piles of leaves,

I rake and gather them all

Woe, the wind brings more




See what happens when I spend an entire day raking leaves to no avail?  The trees were probably laughing at me as they dropped more leaves when I wasn’t looking.  Oh well, time to sip a nice glass of wine and listen to a song apropos for my day’s work.  “Les feuilles mortes” (literally, “The dead leaves”) otherwise known here in the US as “Autumn Leaves”, sung by no other than an international treasure, Edith Piaf.




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