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Music Passion

April 23, 2012 25 comments


I’ve been swamped with work and travel, but a frequent fan of this blog, Dolly from All About Lemon popped in the other day and asked me to play along in a fun post game Music Passion. Since I generally like music, I thought I might join in just for the fun of it.

The basic rules are pretty simple:

  • Find a song consistent with the theme of the month
  • Post it in your blog
  • Say something about the song
  • Title your post “Music Passion”
  • Link it back to originating blog, in this month’s case Dolly’s All About Lemon

This month’s theme is a song from the 50’s with the word “Love” in the title.  Well, since I’m a huge Billie Holiday fan, this was an easy choice for me, even if my choice is not mainstream.  Without further ado, here’s my selection:


Comes Love – Billie Holiday (1957)



I grew up with a house full of music – all genres.  My father liked old jazz standards, and there were a number of Billie Holiday LP’s around to listen to as a child.  I never tire of her voice.



Random Jukebox – Billie Holiday Edition

February 22, 2012 22 comments


It’s getting late, the Dinner Party has run its course and appears to be long done, clean up crews have scrubbed and detailed the Random Thoughts home from top to bottom, and the place seems a bit quiet and empty.  All the rowdy guests migrated over to Mardi Gras, and I’m happy to report all had fun with no serious problems, save for a few morning-after headaches experienced by a few of our followers.

Me?  I’ll be traveling the next few days.  I’ll be scarce around these parts, but tonight I think I’ll pour myself a nice elixir from the bar and toss a few coins in the Jukebox for the evening as I unwind a little before turning in for the evening.  Come on and join me.  Go ahead, walk over the the bar.  There’s a guy in a white jacket and black bow-tie waiting to serve you.  Kick off your shoes and put up your feet, or, if you are so inclined, grab your sweetheart and spend a few moments dancing cheek to cheek.  I’ll start it off with a few from the Billie Holiday songbook – such a hauntingly soulful voice.






While I’m gone, feel free to throw a few coins in the ole Jukebox and dial up a song of your choice in the comment section below.  Anything goes – any style, artist, and genre.  I’d love to hear what you pick out.  I’ll try to peek in whenever I can to get a listen.  In the meantime, enjoy the company of each other and behave.  Or maybe not…


Stormy Weather Whimsy

August 7, 2011 8 comments

Singing in the Rain


The past few days on the East Coast have been nothing short of a steam bath, with temperature in the 90’s and humidity at the saturation point.   Waves of rainstorms have done little to relieve the heat, but instead have managed to pump up the humidity even more, just when you thought it could not get any more humid.  It’s the kind of weather that makes most adults rush into the home for shelter, yet I couldn’t help but notice a couple of neighborhood children just having a ball in the middle of a torrential downpour, soaked to the bone, and laughing as they belly flopped in makeshift puddles the size of small ponds.

There is nothing like experiencing the world through children’s eyes to lift the mood.  We could all use a bit more whimsy in our lives.  So inspired, and with no real plan in mind, I thought I’d rustle up a few Youtube links in honor of this stormy weather just for fun and to lighten my own mood.

First up is Billie Holiday cooing her way through Stormy Weather.  I just love the way she phrases the lyrics musically.  (I know, I know, this was a Lena Horne standard…  sue me!)


Ah, now that you’re all relaxed, I thought I’d liven it up a bit with a song and dance number from the 1943 Classic of a movie titled (what else?) Stormy Weather.  This clip starts off with Cab Calloway and Orchestra singing Jumpin’ Jive, and early into the number introduces the Nicholas Brothers in what might arguably be one of the single best dance performances ever captured on film – all in a single take to boot!  The Stairway Jump Splits in the finale are breathtaking.  I know I would have lost my breath, as well as my manhood and consciousness, if I ever tried a stunt like that – OUCH!!!


I need to relax after watching that! Let’s keep with the theme and pick another from the Billie Holiday songbook as a way to wrap up this blog entry.  Here she is, Lady Day singing Stormy Blues.


Storming or not, I hope you enjoyed your day.


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