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Of Dinner Parties and Opera Ensembles…

October 22, 2012 10 comments

We didn’t have quite this many people at the party


October around my place is a month full of birthdays. In the extended family that lives nearby, there are five birthdays to be celebrated. Rather than do each separately, we usually opt for one big gathering and throw a large dinner party on a weekend convenient for just about everyone. This weekend, the festivities were held at my home. Lorna, I know your birthday is in October too and I have to say, you missed out on some really good food and some killer desserts!


The festive atmosphere filled with so many conversations bubbling at the same time, all at loud levels inspired me to write about that phenomenon of simultaneous conversations and its portrayal in Opera as ensembles. I decided to write the entry in my other blog instead of here. The teaser is here:


The other night, at a group party celebrating the birthdays of five family members within a three week period of time in October, everyone was a festive mood and excitably talking to everyone else. The sound level was high, and the conversations incredibly varied among the individuals, but in the collective, there was that distinct din of voices, unintelligible yet quite familiar to anyone who has ever encountered a crowd of people. My mind began wandering … Read More

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