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In the News – Random Thoughts on Birth Control

February 18, 2012 29 comments

Strange times we live in for sure.  Yesterday, a House Congressional Committee held a hearing on the President’s policy to ensure all women have access to contraceptive coverage with no co-pay.  Who better of course to discuss the merits of women’s access to contraceptives than… well… men?  Well, not only men, but men of the clergy.

Raise your hand if you've ever knocked up a chick. OK, you're all qualified to testify.

Apparently there were a few women eager to testify why birth control is rather important to them, one of them a law student and another an executive at a Catholic Non-Profit organization, but doggone it, neither were members of the clergy.  See, the point apparently was to have some politically motivated theater er… testimony regarding exemptions from contraceptive and reproductive insurance requirements based on religious and moral grounds. Nope, apparently women should have no say about this kind of coverage mandate to be included in health insurance.

In the interest of fairness and reciprocity, I believe there should be alternate hearings scheduled to hear testimony about insurance coverage mandates as they relate to men’s Erectile Dysfunction and the associated treatment of such with pharmaceuticals like Viagra and Cialis. And of course, who better qualified to testify as expert witnesses on such matters of men and their sexual proclivities than this fine group of ladies?

Lips that touch ED drugs shall never touch ours. Come to think of it, neither shall any other body part for that matter...

Have at it, everyone!



Song Lyrics as Masterpieces – Part 1

October 5, 2011 19 comments


I’ve been rather scattered these past few weeks, busy with work, coaching, and a few birthday celebrations that I haven’t had much time to write here on this blog.  What shall I write about?  Whenever I’m lacking inspiration for a topic, I will often look to song lyrics to see if there is anything there worth thinking and writing about.  Yes, sometimes a good song lyric can evoke a strong emotion and mood, so why not dust off the old vinyl collection and put it on the turntable for a listen?  Surely the lyrics will give me food for thought.



Er… um… oh my!  This might be a bit more difficult than I originally thought.  Anyone?


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