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Dream – a Music Passion Theme for March

March 13, 2014 10 comments


I’ve been gone so long, that it occurs to me I lost that one hour of sleep I had gained since I last posted.  Last time I participated in the Music Passion thread in Dolly’s Blog was October.  Well, here it is March and the theme for the month is DREAM.  So many songs to choose from, but impulse struck.  After checking out the other entries to make sure someone else hadn’t already posted, I was in luck!


OK, I’m a big fan of Louis Armstrong.  He just has a way about him that leaves you with a smile.  Since I like smiling, and like making other folks smile as well, I give you my humble entry for this month’s fun in Music Passion:


A Kiss to Build a Dream On.






Be Back Soon – Yet Again…

March 12, 2012 18 comments


I’ll be away for most of the week due to a death in the family.  As a result, I’ll be scarce once more around these parts, so if you don’t see any snarky comments from me, it isn’t because I don’t love you anymore, just that I’m unavailable.  Don’t fret, for I’ll catch up when I return.


In the meantime, feel free to grab something refreshing from the bar, sneak over to the fridge for a snack, and pop a few coins in the jukebox if you’re so inclined.  Try not to make a big mess, and of course, behave (or maybe not)!  I’ll be back soon.




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