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Night – Music Passion Theme for April

April 1, 2014 20 comments


Despite a long absence from playing around the WordPress world, I’ve been given the honor of selecting this month’s theme in Dolly’s Music Passion thread, a regular monthly attraction on her blog All About Lemon. I reflected on what kind of theme we should do for this month that might capture the spirit of music and passion, and the concept of “night” seemed interesting. Night is definitely when music and passion often intersect.  So join in everyone and post some of your favorite songs about night.

For me, the first song that came to mind was from a personal favorite, Ray Charles. I have chosen (Night Time) Is the Right Time. It is an old rhythm and blues song originally recorded in 1957 by Nappy Brown. Ray Charles covered it a year later and it became an immediate hit. The song has this raw, primal, lusty energy driving it, especially when Margie Hendricks calls to Ray in a little musical naughtiness. After all, isn’t night time the right time to be with the one you love?


(Night Time) Is the Right Time – Ray Charles (1958)



Hoping everyone has a very nice night.  Behave!  Or maybe not…



Dream – a Music Passion Theme for March

March 13, 2014 10 comments


I’ve been gone so long, that it occurs to me I lost that one hour of sleep I had gained since I last posted.  Last time I participated in the Music Passion thread in Dolly’s Blog was October.  Well, here it is March and the theme for the month is DREAM.  So many songs to choose from, but impulse struck.  After checking out the other entries to make sure someone else hadn’t already posted, I was in luck!


OK, I’m a big fan of Louis Armstrong.  He just has a way about him that leaves you with a smile.  Since I like smiling, and like making other folks smile as well, I give you my humble entry for this month’s fun in Music Passion:


A Kiss to Build a Dream On.





October Music Passion – “One”

October 5, 2013 32 comments


I know, I know, it’s been like forever since I last posted.  It’s a long story, and well, maybe I’ll do some explaining in another post.  In the meantime, I thought I’d get back into the groove by joining Dolly’s Music Passion series of musical posts by themes.  October’s theme is “One.”  As long as One is somewhere in the title it’s good to go.  Now I have no idea if I even have any followers left, but here goes…


Bob Marley, a personal favorite of mine – One Love.


See, that wasn’t too hard.  Maybe I can get back into the swing of things.  I was getting worried that Random Thoughts might have to be re-labeled as Infrequent and Sporadic Thoughts.


Music Passion – The World in November

November 4, 2012 19 comments


Another month, another musical topic for the Music Passion game hosted on Dolly’s Blog, All About Lemon. Carolyn, who writes and blogs on ABC of Spirit Talk is a repeat winner for both September and October.  She has selected “World” as the theme in this month of November. Congratulations Carolyn – two in a row!


I’ve selected a song written and performed by War titled “The World is a Ghetto.”  It is the title track of the album, released in 1972.  In vinyl.  It is hard to believe this melancholic and mournfully trippy song is now 40 years old.  Moreover it seems to stand the test of time.  Kick up your feet and have a listen – I’ve managed to find the full album version that has a great sax solo in the middle.



Of Dinner Parties and Opera Ensembles…

October 22, 2012 10 comments

We didn’t have quite this many people at the party


October around my place is a month full of birthdays. In the extended family that lives nearby, there are five birthdays to be celebrated. Rather than do each separately, we usually opt for one big gathering and throw a large dinner party on a weekend convenient for just about everyone. This weekend, the festivities were held at my home. Lorna, I know your birthday is in October too and I have to say, you missed out on some really good food and some killer desserts!


The festive atmosphere filled with so many conversations bubbling at the same time, all at loud levels inspired me to write about that phenomenon of simultaneous conversations and its portrayal in Opera as ensembles. I decided to write the entry in my other blog instead of here. The teaser is here:


The other night, at a group party celebrating the birthdays of five family members within a three week period of time in October, everyone was a festive mood and excitably talking to everyone else. The sound level was high, and the conversations incredibly varied among the individuals, but in the collective, there was that distinct din of voices, unintelligible yet quite familiar to anyone who has ever encountered a crowd of people. My mind began wandering … Read More

via Random Musings About Opera


Click and enjoy!

Lighting Up The Blogosphere – One Flicker at a Time

October 11, 2012 40 comments


As an avid reader of Lorna’s Voice I am awakened every Thursday with a regular entry of hers titled “Lighting Up the Blogosphere – One Flicker at a Time”, which is part of a campaign aptly named “Occupy the Blogosphere” started by another WordPress blogger, Soul Dipper. It is a rather refreshing and optimistic counter to all the stress and negativity that manages to creep into our lives, and being the eternal optimist, it strikes a resonant chord in me.


Since I’m away in a totally different time zone, and I’m wide awake due to my internal clock telling me morning should be long gone even when dawn is only now breaking into my window, I thought I’d try my hand at this uplifting kind of thing and showcase someone who really does light up the world in his own magical way. Have you guessed yet that it will probably be a topic about music? I know, so predictable sometimes, but hopefully you’ll be surprised.

Music is the universal language of mankind

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

So very true.  In order to demonstrate both the universal appeal of music and the joy it can evoke from everyone, I have selected a few short videos of one of my favorite people on this planet when it comes to music, Bobby McFerrin, doing what he does well – playing the instrument that is his voice, and likewise playing the audience, engaging them to create magical moments through music.

Bobby McFerrin was born with mad vocal abilities.  The son of Metropolitan Opera Baritone Robert McFerrin Sr. and regional opera and Broadway singer and Professor Emeritus of Music Sara, he certainly had the genes for vocal abilities.  He is most famous for his 1988 hit, Don’t Worry, Be Happy done entirely a Capella with only his voice. But his real gift is how he shares that gift and joy with his audience.

I dare you to watch the following videos and not manage to crack a smile or feel a bit of happiness sweep over you, if only for a moment while you forget all else in the world:



Music Passion – October “Morning”

October 5, 2012 33 comments


Another month, another musical topic for the Music Passion game hosted on Dolly’s Blog, All About Lemon. Carolyn, who writes and blogs on ABC of Spirit Talk is September’s winner and has selected “Morning” as the theme for October. Congratulations Carolyn!


I’ve selected a Cat Stevens singing an old hymn “Morning Has Broken” for my entry this month. Many mistakenly credit Stevens for writing this, but the song itself has a long history. If you are interested and wish to read more about it, click here.




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