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Ground Hog Day 2012

February 2, 2012 22 comments

Cloudy - promising for Ground Hogs afraid of their shadow


Well, no sunshine and no shadow for that furry critter that forecasts the severity of winters.  It was quite warm today 60 degrees (15 degrees C for my Fahrenheit-challenged friends across the pond).  The cherry blossoms are confused enough to think Spring is already here.  Let’s hope they are not wrong.



What do you think?  Ready for Spring?



Fantastically Frivolous Fun

October 24, 2011 44 comments

I was casually reading through some blogs I frequently visit when I came across a Monday Morning Writing Prompt on Victoria’s blog, challenging all comers to write something with alliterations. I love alliterations, though the temptation to overuse them can quickly turn a fun piece of writing into something cheesy.  Ha!  I am the master of cheesy. So, without further ado, I present to you my submission both illustrated and alliterated…


Fall – filled with foliage freely flaunting a flamboyant final farewell,

Furtively forecasting a frosty future from fronts fast approaching.

Fragile and frail, flora once full-bloomed and fragrant, fades flimsily.


Feathered fowl in formation flying in from afar.


Freely floating and flapping, friskily foraging for food.


Fine furry friends finding first-rate refreshment  so fulfilling and favorable.


Fortunately for fellow followers, Phil’s fall frolic is finished.  A fond heart-felt farewell for my friends following faithfully.




Morning Trails – Springtime at Lakefront

May 6, 2011 9 comments


I am fortunate to live in an area that has hundreds of miles of dedicated walking trails and a marvelous lake and wildlife preserve a few miles from my home. I enjoy an early morning walk or run on these trails, and when I have extra time and the weather is nice, I make my way to the lake, camera in hand. I’ve been snapping photos of the lake for almost a decade now, and the fascination and beauty of the place never fades. If you have a few moments, join me and see why I consider this waking part of my day to be so special. I’ll try not to bore you too much with commentary – the images tend to speak well for themselves.



A Blue Heron searching about for breakfast.



Sunrise making its presence known.



A young buck and his companion enjoying a morning drink. Personally, I prefer a nice strong cup of coffee.



Sometimes, all you really need to do is look upward for inspiration…



A favorite spot for me to reflect, and to journal those random thoughts that occasionally make their way to this blog.



Last year’s grasses yielding to this year’s new growth.



Full sunlight bathing the lake’s easternmost end.



Here we have a family of Expatriate Canadian Geese who have declared their preference for permanent residency in Maryland.



This pesky Egret was dodging me for quite some time before finally staring me down, probably wondering what the heck I was doing poking around his environs.



It is said that some men spend their time sitting in Church and dream about fishing, while other men spend their time fishing and dream about God. I believe this shot helps me understand the spirit of that saying.

As I made my way home, walking through the trails and eventually emerging to the streets leading to my home, I couldn’t help but notice the frenzied pace of cars whirring past me as people scurry about in their daily lives, completely oblivious to all that beauty lying just beneath the veneer of a world they are unconsciously rushing through.


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