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Ground Hog Day 2012

February 2, 2012 22 comments

Cloudy - promising for Ground Hogs afraid of their shadow


Well, no sunshine and no shadow for that furry critter that forecasts the severity of winters.  It was quite warm today 60 degrees (15 degrees C for my Fahrenheit-challenged friends across the pond).  The cherry blossoms are confused enough to think Spring is already here.  Let’s hope they are not wrong.



What do you think?  Ready for Spring?



Fantastically Frivolous Fun

October 24, 2011 44 comments

I was casually reading through some blogs I frequently visit when I came across a Monday Morning Writing Prompt on Victoria’s blog, challenging all comers to write something with alliterations. I love alliterations, though the temptation to overuse them can quickly turn a fun piece of writing into something cheesy.  Ha!  I am the master of cheesy. So, without further ado, I present to you my submission both illustrated and alliterated…


Fall – filled with foliage freely flaunting a flamboyant final farewell,

Furtively forecasting a frosty future from fronts fast approaching.

Fragile and frail, flora once full-bloomed and fragrant, fades flimsily.


Feathered fowl in formation flying in from afar.


Freely floating and flapping, friskily foraging for food.


Fine furry friends finding first-rate refreshment  so fulfilling and favorable.


Fortunately for fellow followers, Phil’s fall frolic is finished.  A fond heart-felt farewell for my friends following faithfully.




Weekly Photo Challenge – Or Is It Weakly Photo Challenged?

October 5, 2011 30 comments


This morning I was reading a blog I frequently visit, Lorna’s Voice, and noticed a post of hers titled “The Day is Done, Sunset Challenge“, which is inspired from a blog she frequents, A Lighter Shade of Grey, which contains a post titled “Weekly Photo Challenge: Sunset“, which is in response to a weekly WordPress challenge on Fridays for Photos, all of which means I spend way too much time on the computer during my morning coffee break at work.  But I digress…

It seems the purpose of the photo challenge is to post a picture of a sunset and perhaps write something about it.

I love sunsets.  They are strikingly beautiful, and they are free.  Free and beautiful, what’s not to like?  The most extraordinary thing about sunsets, is their ability to be beautiful anywhere in the world.  Sure there are spectacular shots of the sun waning on the horizon in tropical paradises, pristine waters, glacier-topped mountains, and other exotic locations.  Yet a sunset has the ability to beautify even the most mundane place in the world.  Witness the above picture, taken around sunset a few weeks ago just outside my office where I work each and every day.  Nature and the heavens have a way of smiling down on the entire planet with no bias in latitude and longitude.

All you have to do is make an effort to notice.  Eureka!  There is a point to all this.  As we rush around to the hectic pace of our everyday lives, try to become more aware of all the beauty in your everyday world lying just beneath that conscious, distracted mind.  Pay attention!


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