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Be Back Soon!

May 10, 2012 20 comments


There is so much going on in my world this week; a confluence of milestones and events, it makes my mind spin.  By the time this post will hit the ether of the Internet, Thursday, the 10th of May will mark 32 years since I said, “I do!” to my lovely bride.  I will try not to wax too sentimental, but I cannot believe how quickly the time passes when you spend it surrounded with ones you adore.  As if that wasn’t enough to keep me busy, my son graduates this weekend.  Friday will be the main commencement address, and the keynote speaker will be Michelle Obama.  Saturday is the college specific ceremony when my son will actually be given his diploma.  And let’s not forget that Sunday is Mother’s Day.  Whew!

Yes dear readers, I’m afraid I won’t be around much till next week.  I’ll be too busy with a marathon of parties and soirees that will steal me from writing much here.  When I return, I’ll need you all to promise me you’ll make me refrain from boring you to death with all the details.

While I’m gone, please feel free to wander about the Random Thoughts home, eat whatever is in the fridge, pour whatever you want from the bar, and have fun with each other in the comments section.  I’ll be missing you all.

To all the mothers out there who have labored tirelessly in your role, please accept my sentiments for a most Happy Mother’s Day.  Take a well deserved bow for all the work you’ve done.

To my wife – we danced to this song 32 years ago, and the lyric still holds true to the core.  “I’ll always love you – forever.”


Always and Forever – Heatwave




Be Back Soon – Part # … (I forget)

November 23, 2011 15 comments


This time of the year is always hectic for me under the most normal of circumstances.  Take a combination of my normal workload in the field of Finance, combine it with my favorite hobby/avocation of coaching High School basketball, add in the Winter Holidays of Thanksgiving and Christmas looming ahead, and voila!  Overload.  I’ve been out of town on unplanned business matters the past week and have just returned from my travels (memo to self: do NOT travel ever again on Thanksgiving week!) to an office piled high with paperwork needing my attention; all before I return to my home and my wife, both in high need of some lots of attention before dozens of guests show up for Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow.  Crazy week for sure!

So dear followers… if you’ve missed me, I apologize for the inconvenience; it isn’t because I don’t love you all.  I’m just a little crammed for time.  I’ll catch up with my reading and comments after I resurface from the food coma that is Thanksgiving dinner in our home.  I’ve much catching up to do!  Meantime, I hope you all don’t mind if I take five from my WordPress duties…


Dave Brubeck Quartet – Take Five


Wishing all my American friends a most Happy Thanksgiving Holiday, and all my other friends a splendid Thursday.


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